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Tinnitus E-Programme

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Therapist-Led Tinnitus E-Programme and Beyond  

From 1 July 2018, the Tinnitus E-Programme (TEP) became therapist-led. This is standard for all Users of the Tinnitus E-Programme (TEP).

Therapist support was made available from January 2018 as a pilot project and this more than proved its worth to those that used it. See some feedback here

The Therapist-Led 6 module TEP gives you online 1-1 on average 60 minutes contact using Zoom - a telehealth platform for your security and safety - and email support throughout your journey through the course. It is primarily there for those with moderate and severe THI and TFI results (above 38% and 58% respectively); those with scores 78% or more have precedence.


1. Additional online course of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

In addition to the Therapist-Led TEP support, there is online access to CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) for tinnitus. Pre-requisite to this is having used therapist support through the TEP.

The CBT online course walks you through the cognitive aspects of tinnitus management, including cognitive restructuring and reframing. It includes a further 120 minutes contact using the Zoom platform and email contact. Email contact is quite extensive due to the interactive nature of using CBT. Cost of the CBT for Tinnitus follow-on course is £259 (payment by instalments available) GO TO CBT FOR TINNITUS follow-on course details

2. Tinnitus E-Programme Plus+

The cost of the TEP Plus+ costs a little less than the TEP & follow-on CBT for Tinnitus taken separately. It includes everything in the TEP and CBT for Tinnitus, but the flow is slightly different due to it being written as an all-in-one course. There are 180 minutes contact using the Zoom platform and extensive email contact. The Tinnitus E-Programme Plus+ costs £399 (compared to the 2 separate courses costing £165 + £259 = £424) Payment by instalments is available GO TO TINNITUS E-PROGRAMME PLUS+

3. One to One Tinnitus Management

In clinic or online 1-1 assessment and a full course of 1-1 tinnitus management details here Assessment is £175 (£185 outside UK) and a course of one to one therapy is £1125 (£1185 outside UK) Instalment plans available
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