CBT for Tinnitus E-Programme

Tinnitus E-Programme

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How to Get Started

  • Complete and send in your Mini-history
  • You receive a copy of your answers by email for each of the above


Enrol on CBT for Tinnitus (6 modules) OR CBT for Tinnitus (12 modules). The cost to enrol is £175.00 for which you are entitled to two 1-1 appointments using Zoom during the course.

  • The £99 option for the 6 module course includes one 1-1 appointment - this appointment can be used at any time during the course.
  • Additional 1-1 appointments can be booked on request during the course if you need them (£90 per appointment or £210 for 3 appointments)

More information about CBT for Tinnitus (6 modules)
More information about CBT for Tinnitus (12 modules)
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