Tinnitus E-Programme Part One

Tinnitus E-Programme

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How to Get Started

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  1. Start with booking a one-to-one Consultation/Assessment. This takes place using Zoom (details here). This initial consultation usually takes 60-90 minutes - sometimes up to 2 hours when needed. I always recommend this to be your first step, because it means I can support you from the outset. It costs £175.00, and for that, not only do you have an in-depth assessment but you have access to the CBT for Tinnitus E-Programme (the 6 or 12 module course, depending on your TFI score) as soon as you enrol for your Consultation/Assessment. This initial consultation becomes one of two 1-1 appointments being enrolled on the course gives you. Complete a Booking Form to select your preferred day and time.


2. Enrol on CBT for Tinnitus (6 modules) OR CBT for Tinnitus (12 modules). Enrolling straightaway without an assessment first may be your preference. The cost to enrol is £175.00 for which you are entitled to two 1-1 appointments using Zoom during the course. You can always change your mind and book a Consultation/Assessment after you have enrolled and that will become one of your two 1-1 appointments.

  • The £99 option for the 6 module course includes one 1-1 appointment - this appointment can be used at any time during the course. It is unsuitable to be used for a Consultation/Assessment
  • Additional 1-1 appointments can be booked on request (£90 per appointment or £210 for 3 appointments)

More information about CBT for Tinnitus (6 modules)
More information about CBT for Tinnitus (12 modules)

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