Tinnitus E-Programme Part One
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Tinnitus E-Programme

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Before you complete and send in your THI, please ensure you have read and understood our Conditions of Use and be aware that from 1st July 2018, the Tinnitus E-Programme is therapist-supported. From 1st October 2018, the course is hosted by CourseCraft.

Please complete the THI (Tinnitus Handicap Inventory) below.

The aim of this questionnaire is to identify your current level of tinnitus distress. Tick YES, SOMETIMES or NO for each question. To score the questionnaire, YES = 4; SOMETIMES = 2; NO = 0

Complete the questionnaire and press send.

You will receive an email confirming your THI answers but no further emails unless you request a Consultation/Assessment, enrol on the CBT for Tinnitus E-Programme or make contact by email debbie@tinnituseprogram.org The CBT for Tinnitus E-Programme is here to support - not to bombard you with unnecessary emails   

* I agree that the anonymous results of my THI may be included in future research of the Tinnitus E-Programme, by Debbie Featherstone and NIHR NHBRC (National Institute of Hearing Research, Nottingham Biomedical Research Centre) and that my personal data is NOT for publication.

If you CAN agree, you will be helping with research of outcomes for the Tinnitus E-Programme


There is a Tinnitus E-Programme Facebook Group that you are welcome to join....

After 9 years of being self-directed (self-help), the Tinnitus E-Programme has become Therapist-Led. For the course to be sustainable, it depends upon being funded by your course fee. There may be funding available through TEP Investor Donor Support if you have financial difficulties. If this is the case, please read the section in this website about financial difficulties and complete the form to apply

I'm in!
I, Debbie Russell, have 25+ years experience of working with patients with severe tinnitus distress and all that this debilitating condition can bring in to the lives of so many. It doesn't have to stay that way! I look forward to meeting you soon!

NOTE: There is FREE access to the 6 Module Tinnitus E-Programme when you book an online assessment

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