Tinnitus E-Programme Part One

Tinnitus E-Programme

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Why Are There Options? What are the options?

You choose your option according to:
  • Severity of tinnitus distress - This means how high your clinical measures are in the THI (Tinnitus Handicap Inventory) and TFI (Tinnitus Functional Index) in particular. Because anxiety plays a significant part in tinnitus distress, a clinical measure for anxiety is also used
  • Your preference - we all have our own preferred way of dealing with things including tinnitus!
  • Affordability - we all have to "cut our coat according to our cloth". Affordability is a huge factor!

Why are there Recommendations?

I offer recommendations based on the results from past users of the Tinnitus E-Programme. The higher the severity of tinnitus distress, the harder it can be for people to manage on their own without 1-1 therapist support. This is why the recommendations are:
  • TFI score 45-79 (up to 31%) - CBT for Tinnitus E-Programme with 1 appointment (£99)
  • TFI score 80-134 (32-53%) - CBT for Tinnitus E-Programmme with 2 appointments (£175)
  • TFI score over 135 (over 54%) - CBT for Tinnitus E-Programme 12 (12 Modules) with 2 appointments (£175)
  • TFI score over 135 - either CBT for Tinnitus E-Programme 12 with 6 appointments (Assessment + £499) OR **all 1-1 (Assessment + £940)
  • As a qualified and RCCP registered Hearing Therapist, it is my responsibility to offer the best recommendation I can based on my experience
  • As a potential CBT for Tinnitus E-Programme User, it is you who makes the choice

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