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History of CBT for Tinnitus E-Programme

1st October 2018 - The Tinnitus E-Programme became hosted by CourseCraft Go To Course

1st July 2018 - The Tinnitus E-Programme became Therapist-Led

Potted History:

2009 Tinnitus E-Programme was launched online
2016 Independent Evaluation by NIHR NHBRC completed
2017 (July) New TEP website including THI submission and registration by all Users
2017 Opt-in paid for TEP Therapist-Support pilot
2018 Tinnitus E-Programme change from self-directed (self-help) to Therapist-Led due to the outcomes of the TEP Therapist-Support Pilot

At point of transfer to the new site (23 July 2017), the Tinnitus E-Programme has had 97,152 visitors and 142,350 page views. The course remained free to access from its launch in 2009 until it became therapist supported in 2018.

There is a comprehensive on-line facility where people can access evidence-based information about tinnitus available on the BTA (British Tinnitus Association) website. The Tinnitus E-Programme is a comprehensive course of tinnitus management aimed at reducing tinnitus distress. It is not an information about tinnitus resource. After CBT for Tinnitus E-Programme Part One has been completed, additional help using in depth CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) for tinnitus is available one to one and online.

The Tinnitus E-Programme is not a cure for tinnitus; and neither is it a “quick-fix”. Using the materials week by week over a period of 10 weeks is a means of enabling those who are distressed by their tinnitus to have and use the opportunity to learn how to “manage” their tinnitus.

The Tinnitus E-Programme is a structured way of accelerating habituation to tinnitus through having an understanding of the tinnitus mechanism, and managing stress arousal that perpetuates it through using relaxation techniques and a cognitive behavioural approach.

What emerged at first as the TMGC in the 1990’s developed over time, and then in June 2009 the Tinnitus E-Programme materialised as something that has helped many people.

Debbie Featherstone
The Tinnitus E-Programme
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