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Tinnitus E-Programme (TEP) Therapist Support
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Therapy support provided by Debbie Featherstone MSc, Hearing Therapist

What do those who have received Therapist Support for tinnitus say about it?

Isobel (UK) May 2018 (Includes Outcomes):
"Prior to beginning the TEP programme I was an emotional mess. I had lived with slight to mild tinnitus for 7 years but it was a recent case of prolonged untreated anxiety that caused my Tinnitus to get worse and for me to seek help. Having spent weeks searching through the internet trying to find help and going to medical professionals, I was at my wits end when I came across the TEP.

The TEP was so great because it really helped me acknowledge that the key to overcoming tinnitus is education and relaxation, if one is willing to invest the time. The modules ask us to think about the negative thoughts we have about tinnitus in a logical manner and recognise that they are motivated by fear rather than facts. Life can return to normal.  On a personal level the TEP helped me recognise while I previously had mild tinnitus, there was still negative feelings attached to it, such as fears about the future, the guilt that I had been so stupid to put myself in a position that caused this and the feeling I was different to other young people my age.

While the modules alone helped with the first task of educating me about tinnitus, it was really the 1:1 sessions with Debbie that made a full and genuine recovery possible. Even with the education, I still had panic moments where I would read something about tinnitus and it would scare me or just times where I needed to talk to someone who understood, but without judgement. I must say it was really lovely to have a conscientious but qualified voice of reason to put you at ease. Through the 1:1 I was able to build on the skills I learned in the modules, so that when the sessions were completed I felt confident in my own ability to keep myself well through using the skills I learned in the sessions.

This course has really brought about a lifestyle change in me. Debbie I cannot thank you enough, honestly."

Isobel (UK) Outcomes (with permission given to publish 17 July 2018)
Outcomes Isobel UK
Kathy (USA) April 2018:
"I had struggled desperately with tinnitus and hyperacusis for several years when I found the Tinnitus e-Programme online. Through the easy-to–follow and understand online program, followed up with one-on-one skype sessions with Debbie Featherstone, I have learned skills and insights that have changed my life for the better. The online program gave me the fundamentals for understanding and coping with tinnitus but it was through the one-on-one sessions that I really saw a dramatic improvement in my quality of life with tinnitus and hyperacusis.  By changing my response to the condition and engaging with it less and less, it started to fade away more and more over time. It was no longer a “monster” that I had no control over.  The skills that Debbie taught me, especially CBT, apply to so many areas of life and they are tools that I will be able to use for the rest of my life.  I will be forever grateful for this program."
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