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Clinical Outcomes

Neuroscience & CBT Protocol Developed for Severe & Very Severe Tinnitus, Stress and Anxiety

Clinical outcomes audit September 2022
Published outcomes are for the CBT for Tinnitus E-Programme with TWO 1-1 appointments. Outcomes are consistent, reliable, and now this process has been used for two years, have proven to be sustainable - see individual reviews.

The table below shows the changes in Tinnitus Functional Index  (TFI) categories achieved by Users of the CBT for Tinnitus E-Programme - audit completed and published 10th September 2022 (previous audit May 2022). The next audit is due for publication September 2024

Tinnitus Functional Index Categories are as follows:
  • Category 5: 73-100% (tinnitus is a very big problem)
  • Category 4: 54-72% (tinnitus is a big problem)
  • Category 3: 32-53% (tinnitus is a moderate problem)
  • Category 2: 18-31% (tinnitus is a small problem)
  • Category 1: 0 - 17% (tinnitus is not a problem)
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