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Tinnitus E-Programme

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How Does the Tinnitus E-Programme (TEP) Work after 1 October 2018?

1. The Therapist-Led TEP works in the same way as it has done EXCEPT:
    • Everyone enrolling on the TEP from 1 October 2018 has up to 60 minutes TEP Therapist contact plus email support
    • Rather than the TEP being self-help, it's now more an 'online tinnitus clinic'

2. What does the 60 minutes TEP Therapist contact include?
    • An online call using the Zoom video call platform. It is included in the cost of enrolment. You can purchase additional call time should you need it, although based on past experience, most people do not need a second call during the course
    • The call can be at any mutually convenient time during the course of the Tinnitus E-Programme
    • One to one email contact for support through the Tinnitus E-Programme

3. How does the Zoom video call platform work?
    • Zoom is similar to Skype but tends to be more stable and the quality of video and audio are usually excellent
    • The therapist books your mutually arranged time slot with Zoom and sends you an email with a link to the secure (encrypted by Zoom) video call
    • You click on the link at the pre-arranged time of the call and you meet – there is nothing else to it! No IDs, no long telephone numbers. Just one link that you click!

4. What equipment is needed to use Zoom?
    • You need a good internet connection, microphone, audio and camera – most PCs, Macs and laptops have suitable built-in equipment these days
    • Ideally, it is best to use a PC, Mac or laptop; however, calls can be done using a tablet or even a smartphone. It is easier though if you are “hands-free” so you can make notes during the call

Debbie Featherstone, Hearing Therapist
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