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From Users of the 12 Module CBT for Tinnitus E-Programme
Intended for Users with initial TFI over 48% (120+)

Tracey, UK (7 weeks after enrolment)
I have tried other relaxation before but didn’t really know what I was doing, I dived in with exercises that were too demanding and ended up getting more stressed. The relaxation exercises in the course were pitched just right for me. I’ve found them of benefit in my feeling I have some control over how I might be physically feeling and feel that they have positively impacted on my sleep. The relaxation logs are quick and easy to access and complete.

The educational element and being able to understand more about the condition has been really useful and really fascinating. Having the zoom 1-1 near the beginning was very helpful in that you feel you are supported right from the start. The ability to keep in touch or ask questions through email is fantastic and has set me back on the right track when i felt I needed help.

I find the pace appropriate and the module content to be about right for me. I liked having the information about tinnitus and how our brain works at the beginning. I liked how the emphasis on calming the system paved the way for the challenging of thoughts.

Q: Would you recommend others with severe tinnitus distress to use the course?
A: Yes I would recommend others with severe tinnitus distress to use the course. I would say that I feel very lucky to have found the course, because that in-depth level of support, knowledge and understanding of tinnitus is sometimes so hard to find and to access, but here it is.

David, UK (7 weeks after enrolment)
I was already a user of relaxation techniques, but I found it beneficial to have a more structured routine. I believe the relaxation has and is helping though on some days when anxiety levels are high it can be difficult to find a achieve a state of relaxation.

I found the active advice on how to avoid the second arrow to be very interesting. I watched all of the short videos in this section and thought it was very helpful, particularly when they explained how to avoid greater emotional responses by being more accepting of my tinnitus. I have for the most part worked through the course at my own pace, and have not felt either as though I am falling behind or being rushed.

Q: Would you recommend others with severe tinnitus distress to use the course?
A: Yes I would, I am currently not in the same more peaceful place that I was in a few weeks ago [tinnitus onset very recent], but I did realise at that time that my emotional responses and my tinnitus could be separated, providing a degree of relief, and that is what I would suggest to others.

Keith, UK (7 weeks after enrolment)
Relaxation has been very helpful in "putting aside" my tinnitus even for a relatively short time. This has been my first experience of relaxation exercise and the more you do it , the more useful it becomes. Good for self discipline. The voice on Relaxation 3 [module 6] is not as clear as on 1 and 2 [modules 2 and 4]- maybe because I wear hearing aids.

Understanding Cognitive distortions has enabled me to put things in perspective. I use the notion of STOP regularly and I am signed up to the notion of belief and LIE. The factual content of the course has given me a much clearer understanding of what is going on with my tinnitus. Its comforting to know that what I experience is far from unique! There is much food for thought in the course e.g the distinction between the mind and the brain!

Pace is fine - it is quite a commitment every day so more content would be a problem. Some modules lead to greater, quicker progress than others but this is acceptable. Where an issue arose for me over an element of one module Debbie was swift to offer advice and guidance - very helpful and reassuring. It is good to revisit parts of the course from time to time - as the course progresses so things from previous modules fall more and more into place. Occasionally the "technical" information is daunting but I do not have to remember it all!!!!

Q: Would you recommend others with severe tinnitus distress to use the course?
A: Yes I would recommend it - I would say that they should try it - you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain if you stick with it. I am pleased with my progress to date and am handling my tinnitus much better than before I started. Of course some days are better than others but overall I feel much better about the future!

Andy, UK (7 weeks after enrolment)
I've used relaxation methods before but the ones on the course are good because varied. The course content is interesting and illuminating. I like the balance of text and videos, and the research-led aspect of it. The course content is well-paced and about right in terms of content.

Q: Would you recommend others with severe tinnitus distress to use the course?
A: Yes, I would recommend it. It certainly helps to understand the physical and psychological processes that are taking place, and has made me acutely aware of the way I habitually interpret situations. I would make prospective participants aware that the exercises in particular require commitment and a significant amount of time.

Samantha, Germany (7 weeks after enrolment)
I already had some experience with Yoga and meditation. I had no idea the impact and clarity small exercises throughout the day could bring. It helped me start functioning normally. I found it so useful understanding how tinnitus works and knowing the my brain can learn to ignore it and put it in the background.

Q: Would you recommend others with severe tinnitus distress to use the course?
A: Yes, stop waiting and do something to keep living your life.

Michael, UK (7 weeks after enrolment)
The relaxion exercises have been massively beneficial to me, especially in the early stages when my stress levels were at boiling point. I've learnt that they need to be done routinely and even when feeling ok because its the cumulative effect of doing them that helps with any future challenges you have. It has opened my eyes to what's possible in relation to wellbeing and in particular the meditations have been massively beneficial to me.

The information about what Tinnitus is really helped to calm me in the early days of the course and I found almost instant relief when I learnt Tinnitus isn't something to fear. All of the content has been well thought through I would say and I think its massively important to truly understand the content before moving on to the next stage.

The course content is just right I think. I have felt at times the content could have come quicker but in all honesty i am not sure some of the key messages would have landed and i probably just would have raced ahead. So as it stands i would say its just right but maybe labour the point that this is deliberate and intended to let messages digest and things take thier natural course.

Q: Would you recommend others with severe tinnitus distress to use the course?
A: Yes I would and have. It offers you the best opportunity to improve your Tinnitus and rather than searching for miracle cures and trying lots of different things it gives you a strategy that in time will help you.

Continued (4 months after enrolment)
When I started the course I was really struggling with my Tinnitus and as I started working through the course I could feel myself getting better and better. I am in a much healthier place having completed the course and continue to use the content and exercises when things get on top of me.

Q: Do you recommend others to use the CBT for Tinnitus E-Programme?
A: Yes CBT with someone who has so much experience with Tinnitus is the best way to learn to adapt to Tinnitus

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