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Gary, UK
Completed 17 weeks after enrolment
Tinnitus Functional Index (TFI) 82.8% > 52.8% > 32.0% > 19.2% (category 5: 73-100% very big problem > category 3: 32-53% moderate problem > category 2: 18-31% small problem)

Final Review:
Q: Do you recommend others to use the Tinnitus E-Programme and if so, please say why:
A: "Yes 100%. It really helps you understand tinnitus, what's going on and gives you the tools to take back control over your life."

"I would recommend this course 100% to anyone who is finding it difficult to cope with tinnitus. Like many, tinnitus appeared in my life and it instantly took hold - I could not sleep, concentrating was difficult and my anxiety was through the roof. I genuinely felt like so much of my life had been ruined because of tinnitus. I did what many did at this point - went online and read. This is generally a mistake, because its very easy to feel more negative after reading stories online, but one good thing did happen is that I came across this course. I was generally sceptical of how CBT would help with that I was going through, but I had nothing to lose so I enrolled immediately. The course is structured really well, and releasing a module each week allows you to take your time going through the course. You never need to rush and going at your own pace allows you to really take on board what is being taught. The relaxation exercises in particular are really great and after a few weeks you really start to notice the difference they make. The course also does a great job in explaining what tinnitus is and what your brain is doing in reaction to tinnitus. This knowledge really takes away a lot of the fear you might have around tinnitus. Debbie really knows her stuff, and she keeps in regular contact with you. Her feedback is always really helpful, whether its by email or by the face to face appointments. I have now completed the course and it was the best decision I could have made. If you're reading this and sceptical about CBT like I was, then don't be. If your willing to engage with the course and the exercises it really does make a difference. My life went from being controlled by tinnitus, to tinnitus no longer having control over me, or my life."

Feedback from Gary throughout the process:
Intermediate TFI after Stage 9 (of 12) 11 weeks after enrolment: 82.8% > 52.8% > 32.0%

Review written at Stage 7 (of 12) 7 weeks after enrolment
Tinnitus Functional Index (TFI) 82.8% > 52.8% (category 5: very big problem > category 3: moderate problem)

Q: Do you recommend others to use the CBT for Tinnitus E-Programme?
A: "100% yes. Its a course built for people who have difficulty coping with tinnitus. It explains what is going on and provides techniques and exercises to really help you cope with what you are going through and also change your perspective over time so it no longer impacts on your life. I would be lost without it."

Q: What benefit have you experienced using the relaxation element of the course so far?
A: "I was very new to relaxation and was sceptical on the difference it could make. My day to day schedule has changed to take the relaxation elements into account. I have found the physiological and autogenic exercises along with the short breathing exercises to be the most helpful."

Q: How has the neuroscience-based learning about the amygdala, autonomic ladder and brain plasticity helped you to relate to your experience of tinnitus, anxiety and stress?
A: "This has been a big help. Until learning about these things tinnitus is a big unknown and something to worry / fear. Knowing what it is, and what's causing the noise and reactions helps you to calm down and not let it impact you as much."

Q: What have you learned from the Costs & Benefits Transaction work (used from Stage 3)? Estimate how much you have already adjusted from having a PROBLEM-ORIENTED perspective towards a RECOVERY-ORIENTED perspective (e.g. 2/10 > 7/10 indicates an improvement of 5 so far):
A: "This work is really helpful as it helps you change from problem oriented to recovery oriented. I would say I was 1/10 to start with, and am now around a 6.5/10."

Q: You are likely to have had your first 1-1 by now. Did you benefit from your 1-1 and if so, how?
A: "Yes, it was nice to be able to talk things out and get a better understanding of how things work. Not everyone understands what you are going through so its nice to be able to speak about things that someone else will "get"."

Q: What is your own impression of your progress to date?
A: "I am generally quite pleased with my progress. The last week has been difficult - It does feel like the volume has increased and the pitch has changed from an already high pitch to even more of a high pitch. I've also gradually being getting tinnitus in both ears instead of just one. If this had happened without the course, it would have been really difficult to see how I would have coped. But now it's different - I am much better prepared and informed and this means I am handling things way better than I would have."

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