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CBT for Tinnitus

Note: The quota-limit notification is only indicated on the website during high-volume enrolment months when there is a risk of reaching the limit

Monthly Enrolment Limit
When you enrol on this course, you can have full confidence that you will be working with a highly qualified and experienced Hearing Therapy specialist in tinnitus, dual qualified in psychotherapy and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. Without the introduction of a monthly limit on number of enrolments - the quota necessarily varies on a monthly basis - the individual support that helps to make this CBT for Tinnitus online course so successful for those enrolling would be compromised. Once the quota of enrolments for a month has reached its limit, as yet, no one is denied access to the course. However, from 23rd March 2024, potential enrolees are advised of how many places remain for that month when they send in their Tinnitus Functional Index (TFI) i.e. BEFORE they enrol.

Why is this quota being implemented from March 2024?
There are many more enrolments some months than others. Because everyone is encouraged to use the course at a pace that suits them individually, high enrolment months compromise equality of therapy support. This has arisen because:
  • The relatively new (since August 2023) Weekly SITREP has done the job it was introduced to do, with higher than anticipated compliance! Over its first 6 months, compliance has been 95%+   
  • The recent (2023) content & tools upgrade, particularly those introduced in the earlier stages of the course, has led to considerably more enrolees achieving improved interim outcomes at Stage 6 (see reviews). To compromise therapy-support equality because of high-enrolment months puts the progress of both new enrolees and those further in to the process at risk
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